Sunday, 28 March 2010

Stu and Tash's Wedding

On Sunday, 28 February 2010 Stu and Tash got married in the Drakensberg, South Africa.  The wedding was the perfect ending to a brilliant week that we spent in the Drakensberg.  We had the pleasure of meeting both Stu and Tash's family and had great weather (apart from the odd afternoon thunder storm).
The Drakensberg region is stunning.  Photos don't do it justice as they don't capture how epic the landscape is.

It was the incredible setting for the wedding, as I hope the photos below show.

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The church (complete with white roses over the entrance)

Inside the church

The beautiful bride and mother (and a very proud groom).

Mandy - Tash's sister and my new style icon!

The green dress gets another outing.

One of the many stunning waterfalls that we saw.

On a gorge walk.

Our accommodation during the wedding.  Inkosana Lodge.  
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The rondavels.
The view from our rondavel door.