Thursday, 11 March 2010

Margaret River

After the wedding we caught a flight to Perth to spend a few days in the Margaret River region of Western Australia.  It is similar to Central Otago in two ways: (a) it is a place that I have always wanted to visit and (b) it has a number of wineries.  Hooray!

The scenery was stunning.  I love Australian native plants especially the Eucalyptus trees (gum trees).

We hired a 4x4 vehicle with the tent on top to have a trial run (or as Nav referred to it as the 'Beta Test'*) before our African leg of the trip.  It did indeed prove to be testing.  Fridge decided to work on its own timetable, bolt loose on our tent and tent poles missing from Neil and Lenka's tent.  The positives outweighed the few hiccups with visits to local wineries, version farms, olive oil shops and stunning beaches to swim in.  To top it all off, huge epic skies that had beautiful cloud patterns.

It wasn't a hard life - a couple of wine tastings a day, swim in the Indian Ocean, fresh venison, and again (for me at least) more tonkings in the board game.

Below are some of my favourite photos that hopefully will give you an idea of what we saw.

* ah...the terminology from working days lives on!

A driveway to a vineyard.  The longest was 2.8km!

The beaches

Lenka, Neil and Nav

Our camping set up